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Our victories in Chelyabinsk…

19.08.2023 Chelyabinsk

Monopred dog show of the KChK rank in each class (59 dogs)

expert M. Yu Kremnev

Kongrem Persei— excellent, Class Winner, KChK, Best Male, BOS.

Kongrem Zeylon— excellent.

Kongrem Zelsija— 2 excellent, CC (4 dogs in the class).

Kongrem Rose Marie— 3 excellent (7 dogs in the class).

Kongrem De Capo Al Fine is a very promising, the best puppy of the whole dog show.

Kongrem Dog Kennel is the best Dog Kennel- 2 (4 dog Kennel in the competition).

Congratulations to energetic, active dog owners with a wonderful

performance at the dog show.


20.08.2023 Chelyabinsk

Rating dog show of dogs of all breeds of the RKF rank with a special status Ural Dawns- 2

expert Gorodilov S. V.

Kongrem Persei— winner of the class, CAC, ChRKF, BOB.

Congratulations to Natalia on another Perseus victory.


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