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We decided to consolidate the success…

26.08.2023 Moscow

Monopred dog show of the Zvergshnauzer breed of the KCHK rank in each class,

expert Belkin A. S.

Kongrem Zeylon— excellent, class winner, KChK, Best male, BOS.

The Club Champion closed the title.

Kongrem Zelsija— excellent, Class winner, KChK.

Kongrem Melanie Rose— excellent 2 in the class of Champions, CC.


MKOO «Nord» CAC 2 groups+speciality,

expert Inna Begma

Kongrem Melanie Rose— excellent, Class Winner, CAC, KChK, Best Female.

Kongrem Zelsija— excellent, Class winner,CC.


Congratulations to Tatiana and Natalia on the victories of their dogs!


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