About our Kennel

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About our Kennel


I fell in love with schnauzers in 1987 when the bigger one – giant schnauzer — appeared in my house. His name was Parvis-Olvia (f. Janpol-Lin, m. Vil-Yanga). It was a perfect working dog and I keep him in my heart as the most intelligent representative of this breed. Today some breeders, seeking for beauty and elegance of giant schnauzers, forget that first of all it must be a working dog.

Going to the shows with my dog, I admired the zwergschnauzers  — their ring was always communicating to the ring of giants. Fala Morskaja Rapsodija, a pepper & salt zwergschnauzer especially impressed me. This middle size bitch, fine and elegant, with a good color of coat, was leading at all the rings in the early 90th.

In 1991, I purchased a puppy of Fala Morskaja Rapsodija and Altist Danilov Tagri Wood. It was a small bitch Adrian Jouet de la Fleur. She did not look like her mother, but had an outstanding character of a faithful friend. She became mother of the first Kongrem zwergschnautzers. Unfortunately, she passed very young crashed by a car and had only one litter with a Czekh dog Him z Geteborjskih Lesu (f. Diplomat z Danova, m. Anet z Mesta Kautchuka): 4 puppies – 2 males and 2 females, born on 19.12.1992. Only one of them, Zarina-Kongrem, was used in my Kennel for breeding.

After Adrian Jouet de la Fleur’s death, I got another female – Lunnaja Feja iz Skazki (f. Vision’s Square Fighten, m. Sindy Idalgo). Feja is not only a beautiful show bitch, but also a very good producer. She gave me 6 litters. Seven children of Feja are Champions of Russia and one of them – Yasno Solnyshko iz Feinoj Mechty – Young European Winner.

I started breeding black & silver zwergschnauzers when I bought in Holland a black & silver male Leonieke’s Cäsar-Grisa. Cäsar is very quiet at home, but has a show temperament in the rings and he gives these qualities to his children. At this time, I use in my Kennel two daughters of Cäsar: Kongrem Urovia (m. Frolich Vindboitel Peppi Dlinnyj Chulok) and Golden Kemt Dana (m. Golden Kemt Barbara).

If you ask me what qualities I wish to see in a Kongrem zwergschnauzer, my answer is:

  1. Good temperament;
  2. Strong health;
  3. Strong body;
  4. Good quality and color of coat;
  5. And after that…

Want a champion? Me too, I wish my schnauzers being admired at shows, not only at home.


Breeder: Klimanova Olga
Address: Russia, 109544 Moscow,
Novorogozhskaya street 22-78
Tel. +7 495 678 88 51 (speak Russian),
or +7 499 790 43 92 (speak English and French)
Е-mail: kongrem@mail.ru

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